Phase I/II & Phase III Services

Marin Biologic also offers services to meet the regulatory needs and demands associated with Phase I/II and Phase III clinical trials. We offer a broad range of services and have a diverse range of clients from law firms seeking patent protection to those clients who are in various stages of their drug development process.  Our experts have years of experience working with clients and those entering IND to NDA/BLA submission. We also offer services assay validation leading up to Phase I/II and III clinical trials, and help to navigate you through the often complex, regulatory challenges of the drug approval process.

Phase I/II and Phase III Clinical Trial Services

Our Phase I/II and III capabilities and resources provided to our clients will be unique to the needs of our clients.  We understand that no two clients needs are the same, and we strive to keep an open channel of communication and feedback system in place so that you are kept aware of the ongoing progress of your project.

We recognize that clinical trial development of new medicinal products are often complex and challenging, and that quality and regulatory compliance are integral to the overall outcome of your clinical study. Marin Biologic regulatory team will offer the confidence our clients needs during different phases of their clinical trials, from IND, to NDA/BLA submission and all the way to commercialization.

For more information on these consultative services, please contact us.

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