Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology Overview

The scientists at Marin Biologic have extensive experience in cloning and analyzing genes from both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. We will work with you to develop expression, production and analysis strategies and take into account your final use. With our experience in biochemistry, we can purify your protein to homogeneity using molecular biology and biochemistry approaches.

Gene Expression

Marin Biologic scientists can also express your gene of interest. We are able to produce constructs in the system of your choice. From your expression construct we can further express the protein of interest and test it in other cell-based assays. If you are working with siRNA, we have experience in regulating mammalian genes using this technology.

cDNA Library

We can create genomic or cDNA libraries for you from tissues or cell culture with expertise. Not only can we make your DNA library, we can clone your gene of interest for analysis in a customized bioassay.

DNA Isolation

If you already have your gene of interest subcloned we can perform the DNA isolation for you. If not, we are skilled in subcloning and can further perform your gene expression analysis or subclone your gene of interest into a mammalian expression vector. With our experience in cell culture, we can expand your cells and harvest your protein for purification (see Cell Biology and Biochemistry).

Reporter Assay

Our scientists are able to perform various reporter assays with your reporter constructs. We have experience in many different reporter assays such as CAT assays, luciferase assays and various other fluorescent or chemiluminescent reporter assays. We can always create a custom reporter assay for you.

  • CAT Assays
  • Luciferase Assays
  • Fluorescence Assays
  • Chemiluminescence Assays
  • Custom Assays

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