Biochemistry, Enzymology

ELISA Test | Enzyme Assay | Protein Production, Purification, Analysis

Marin Biologic’s scientists are classically trained biochemists with extensive experience in protein purification, characterization and analysis. We have purified native proteins to homogeneity isolated from cell culture and tissue as well as recombinant proteins from bacteria and mammalian cells and from baculovirus infected insect cells.


Frequently, we are asked to develop an ELISA test to quantify specific proteins or small molecules (metabolites) for a cell-based assay. We will work with you to develop, in-source a commercially available ELISA test, or utilize other immunoassays that can quantitatively detect your molecule. Our scientists will consult with you and discuss various methods and strategies to produce the best results possible. For example, if you need specific monoclonal antibodies to use in your ELISA test, we can offer solutions like using hybridomas to produce monoclonal antibodies up to 1 gram per week.

Enzyme Assay

Enzyme assays have been used to monitor protein purification and production. If your pharmaceutical is an enzyme inhibitor, we have used enzyme assays to characterize drug potency and measure drug concentration. Some of the enzyme assays we have developed are used for drug stability as well as lot release.

Protein Production, Purification, Analysis

Our scientists will consult with you to optimize protein production, protein purification and analytical analysis. If your protein is generated via recombinant methods, we will employ the appropriate affinity methods of purification. Should you wish a homogeneously purified protein, we will discuss the strategies with you prior to final purification. Of course, if you have a protein purification strategy, we will gladly employ your purification scheme. With many of the protein purification protocols, we will develop a purification scheme to monitor increase in yields and mode of activity. And if you haven’t developed a method to quantitate protein activity yet, our scientists can work with you to help with your assay development.

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