About Us

Marin Biologic blends the fields of cell biology, immunology, molecular biology and biochemistry to tackle complex projects in an innovative and timely manner. We simultaneously utilize our in-depth scientific expertise to collectively approach projects to complement our client’s approach and meet the client’s needs.

CEO and President Tania Weiss Ph.D. founded Marin Biologic Laboratories in 1995 to be able to apply her enthusiasm for good scientific process to a broad array of client projects. As a result, the client list as well as the project list is very diverse over the history of the Company. Marin Biologic seeks out and attracts interesting and different scientific opportunities, which puts them at the forefront of scientific development.

Meet our Scientists here. See how we approach projects here. Contact us here. Our expertise in cell based assays will speed your entire project timeline. Nothing is more important than getting your project done right and on time. Experience our unique brand of collaboration.

Talk to a scientist today and discover why working with Marin Biologic is different.

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